Future of Navigation

FarSounder’s dynamic technology is based on a combination of advanced acoustics and signal-processing techniques, proven phased array sonar design. It pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the exploration of the world’s oceans and waterways. 

FarSounder’s single ping, 3D sonar approach enables the system to overcome traditional Forward Looking Sonar limitations such as Multipath Interference, Shallow Water Operation, Roll/Pitch Compensation, Surface Effects and Ship Motion.

Without 3D capability, Forward Looking Sonars are unable to easily compensate for roll and pitch without large amounts of expensive hardware. Even in these cases, 2D roll and pitch compensation is marginal at best. FarSounder’s technology is capable of compensating for roll and pitch entirely in software with a simple, inexpensive roll and pitch sensor.

FarSounder’s Argos Series, from the Argos 350 to the Argos 1000, all have the same advanced 3D sonar technology and provide the users with a navigation solution that meets their needs and achieves the same results, for vessels of different sizes. They each have fast refresh rates and a wide field of view with every single ping and each deal with Multi-Path and Water Depth challenges. They each provide a cost-effective solution for their vessel class, size, and speed.
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