Real-Time Ocean Data in the Palm of Your Hand

Miros has been a trusted provider of reliable ocean surface measurements to some of the world’s largest ship owners, operators and E&P companies for more than 35 years. 

With Miros’ solutions, you get:

  • Accurate, reliable data accessible from anywhere via the internet.
  • Cloud-integration allows for enhanced scalability and user access on- or off-shore.
  • Ocean state data can be hosted centrally, in the cloud.
  • Data streaming & download capabilities.
  • Low maintenance costs. 
  • Cost-effective, remote upgrades and online diagnostics.
  • Low upfront costs due to the as-a-service pricing.
  • Quick setup and deployment, the cloud offering is truly plug and play.

Miros’ sensors and systems deliver data used by many socio-economic sectors, from government institutions to the general public, as well as the private sector. Whether supporting the growth of the burgeoning offshore wind industry, or aiding the decarbonisation of the global shipping fleet, Miros works to drive safety, efficiency and performance in a range of maritime markets

In addition, Miros’ input to sea level and coastal erosion observation around the globe is vital to the development of risk reduction strategies and early warning systems, strengthening resilience against climate-related hazards and disasters. Plus, with over 250 oil spill detection systems deployed anywhere from India to Brazil, Miros is part of a broad initiative for combatting marine pollution.

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