People On Board (POB) Management

The EPIC POB System has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas industry for use on floating accommodation semi-subs, fixed installations, jack-ups and FPSO’s. This has resulted in a fully integrated Flight Logistics and Hotel Management package.

EPIC provides anything from a basic system to a fully customised system to suit all your requirements. All systems can be integrated into most existing third-party systems. 

The EPIC Smart-Trac™ POB System is also the ideal solution for tracking personnel between different sites and/or attached platforms. With a live display of the current POB, you will always know who is where.

The POB reports include:

  • Resident POB (daily report), current POB of location and all other managed locations
  • Lifeboat muster lists
  • Arrival and departing pax lists and associated bed lists for catering
  • Bridge linked platform POB status and mustering status
  • Flight Logistics and Hotel Management features:
  • Personnel arrival and accommodation management processing
  • Flight reports and manifest
  • Real-time POB reporting at all times – including during arrivals, departures, other locations and lifeboat limits
  • Unique Radio Frequency ID tag issued for each person (photograph optional)
  • Shift planning

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