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Why Us

  • Brazilian Market

    Brazilian Market

    Counting on 37 years of know-how and a constantly trained and specialized team, Belga Marine is known to provide the best solutions for innovative and safe offshore operations.

  • Our Culture

    Our Culture

    We have a business culture that combines structure and creativity, experience and innovation, bold thinking and precise execution.

  • Innovation Efforts

    Innovation Efforts

    Innovation is at the core of our success as a leader in proving solutions that guarantees that our customers are keeping up with the latest and most innovative methods for their operations.

  • The Essence of Us

    The Essence of Us

    We combine innovation and quality with our employees’ expertise.

  • Our Heritage

    Our Heritage

    Across time, Belga Marine has evolved from being an automation and electronics workshop to a provider of innovative solutions, and continues to be a benchmark for quality, safety and commitment.

  • Sustainability


    Our vision is to create tomorrow’s solutions for sustainable marine operations. We care for the natural environment and the society we are a part of, and sustainable growth is at the core of what we do.

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