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The successful milestones of Belga Marine in 2023

This year has been highlighted by significant achievements for Belga Marine, which for more than four decades has been making a difference with an innovative vision and a constant commitment to excellence.

We navigated through challenges and opportunities, reaching notable milestones throughout the year, winning extremely important contracts, expanding our portfolio of partners representing relevant technologies for the market, and attending the main offshore events around the world.

Follow our 2023 retrospective:


Over the past few months, we have celebrated the consolidation of two extraordinary contracts with our valued partners, Miros and OceanVisuals.

At the beginning of the year, in January, OceanVisuals, in collaboration with our dedicated crew, successfully conducted the installation of the innovative SEA OWL™ sensor system on board the Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV) Marlin Stolmen, in continuous operation for Petrobras.

Ocean Visuals AS is a Norwegian company that supplies sensor systems for the early detection of oil and organic substances in water. This initiative not only attests to the effectiveness of our solutions, but also reinforces Belga Marine’s role at the forefront of maritime technology, which is still operating today.

Reaffirming our commitment to showcasing and delivering cutting-edge technologies, our commitment was given a new lease of life in November when we signed another significant contract with Petrobras, this time with Miros, to upgrade its existing oil spill detection efforts with Petrobras, consolidating the success of this partnership. Miros is a leading technology company specializing in providing ocean knowledge measurements, improving data-driven situational awareness for offshore operators through advanced sensor technology, applied intelligence and data analysis.

As part of the development project, Miros‘ system will be upgraded and installed with a cloud-based complement to the monitoring software currently in use in Brazil’s offshore segment, thus allowing data to be shared securely with various stakeholders in real time.

These contracts represent more than commercial transactions, they reflect Belga Marine’s vision of being a force in the evolution of the maritime industry, where technology, environmental responsibility and strategic partnerships come together to create a more promising and sustainable future.


In 2023, Belga Marine was present at international maritime industry events, taking part in the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston and Norshipping in Norway, with our directors Denis Morais and Alexandre Carvalho.

We are thrilled to highlight Belga Marine’s success at Navalshore 2023. Our seminar, which addressed the “Challenges in oil detection in Brazil”, attracted a significant turnout, bringing together more than 100 people for an engaging and informative debate. In addition, our stand was visited by around 2,000 people, providing a valuable opportunity to share knowledge and strengthen our connections.

Also in Brazil, we participated at the OTC Brasil, and went for the first time to Navalshore Amazonia, another great success, and participated in many events in the sector, the SAOW (South America Offshore Wind Conference), Brazil Wind Power in São Paulo.

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Throughout the year we have shared many moments of joy with our entire team and provided our clients with excellent, quality services.


As we approach 2024, we see a horizon full of opportunities for BELGA MARINE. With a proven commitment to excellence and innovation, we are ready to consolidate our position as a leader in the maritime sector.

Our vision for this year is driven by three fundamental pillars: sustainable growth, continuous innovation and strategic partnerships. We plan to expand our operations intelligently, exploring new markets and enhancing our global presence. We are committed to incorporating cutting-edge technologies to optimize efficiencies and ensure greener and more sustainable operations.

“After a challenging 2022, we are happy to share the remarkable growth we experienced in 2023. Our dedication, coupled with the trust placed in us by our partners, has resulted in two significant milestones for the company. Looking ahead, we are eager to continue on a path of success in 2024.” – Denis Morais, Managing Director.

2024 will be an exciting chapter in the history of BELGA MARINE, we would like to thank our partners and customers for the trust they have placed in us, and we look forward to sharing this success with you, our partners and customers.

Belga Marine Team

We are ready for the road ahead!

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