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Miros and Belga Marine expand partnerships to boost ocean insights as-a-service solutions in Brazil

Miros and Belga Marine sign partner agreements to strengthen their close long-term collaboration and extend their partnership for local service, sales and distribution of products and as-a-service solutions in Brazil. The agreements also extend the target markets to the whole region of South America.

For more than 8 years, Miros and Belga Marine have successfully worked together providing reliable ocean surface measurements to the Brazilian market. We are thrilled to continue the partnership with these new agreements offering the Software-as-a-Service solutions to maritime and energy companies in Brazil and South America”, says Alexandre de Carvalho, Sales Director at Belga Marine.

By confirming our close cooperation with Belga Marine, our partners in Brazil, we establish a clear focal point for all Miros related activities in the region. Being it traditional wave radars, oil spill detection solutions, or cutting edge Sea-State-as-a-Service solutions increasingly applied in Brazilian waters, – all now well served with field services and sales and distribution capabilities”, says Marius Five Aarset, Chief Executive Officer at Miros.

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Sea-State-as-a-Service (SSaaS)

The Sea-State-as-a-Service (SSaaS) offering is an all-inclusive, scalable subscription plan including Miros dry, IoT-enabled sensors, and the Miros Cloud service for easy data access. This plug-and-play subscription plan is a cost-efficient advantage for clients who can get access to the software without making big investments immediately. Key players in the Brazilian market have already shown interest in Miros’ SaaS offerings which strengthen Miros’ position in the Brazilian market and make Brazil an important market for future growth.

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About Miros:

Miros is a Norwegian technology company that has been a trusted provider of reliable ocean surface measurements and oil spill detection solutions to some of the world’s largest ship owners, operators, and E&P companies for close to 40 years.

About Belga Marine:

Belga Marine is a Brazilian specialist in the maritime and offshore segments, offering solutions for innovative and safe offshore operations ensuring an optimal way to mitigate human risk and environmental impacts, as well as increasing the efficiency and profitability of offshore operations.

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