Navalshore seminar: Challenges in the Detection of Oil Spill in Brazil

Join us for this discussion between experts about Challenges in the Detection of Oil Spill in Brazil.

Besides being an exhibitor at Navalshore, Latin America’s biggest maritime event taking place from 22-24 August, Belga Marine will be presenting a talk about the challenges in the detection of oil spills in Brazil.

Together with the two technology companies, Miros and Ocean Visuals, and the Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, Belga Marine will share insights from its experiences with oil spill detection in Brazil.

In this seminar, you will learn more about the innovative technologies in this field, and how they help avoid incidents and provide early responses in detecting and characterizing oil.

When: 23 August at 14:00

Where: Navalshore – Expo Mag


  • Alexandre de Carvalho, Sales & Business Development Director – Belga Marine
  • Christian Testman, CEO – Ocean Visuals
  • Sahil Kochhar, Head of Operations – Miros Group
  • Cristina Bentz, Senior Geophysicist – Petrobras

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