Smart Asset Tracking

Tracking device and data logger for business, industry, supply chain.

With just one rugged, durable device, your assets are equipped with advanced sensors and smart IoT technology. 

GPS code tracking devices and data loggers are designed for long-term tracking, from supply chain tracking to asset utilization, and logging of heavy transport assets, unpowered machines or equipment.

Belga Marine offers you full business visibility with IoT tracking devices, which ensures that you always know where your assets are or when they are in use. Get valuable business insights by always controlling your assets through a cloud-based software.


  • Monitor the exact location of assets and non-powered equipment
  • See bread-crumbs trail of transport route
  • Receive shock, temperature, light data and more directly from assets
  • Theft and loss recovery
  • Secure high-value goods
  • Mountable directly on box trailers, container chassis, dollies, and other assets
  • Increased supply chain visibility and efficiency
  • Cost-saving
  • Keep track of factual data
  • Integration into existing third-party ERP and management systems


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