Smart Power Buoy

The Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy is the first in the world to harness the constant movement of waves to power AUVs and instruments in the sea with clean, renewable, continuous energy whilst facilitating real-time, uninterrupted data communications. It can reduce your costs; increase the safety of your teams at the same time as helping you hit your zero-emission targets. This is ‘Wave Energy Made Simple’.

The Smart Power Buoy powers a battery pack or docking station on the seabed through the mooring line. This power can then be fed to AUVs or other instrumentation in the sea. At the same time, the buoy can log data from connected instruments and transmit this in real-time through a fibre optic connection to onshore facilities using satellite, 3G or 4G connections.

The benefits of the ground-breaking design, technology and functionality of the Resen Waves Smart Power Buoy are many and far-reaching for companies of all sizes.


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