Efficient and Reliable UAV Inspections

Belga Marine forms new partnership for offshore drone inspections.

Belga Marine and Drone Inspector Technologies have entered a new partnership to provide UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) solutions for efficient and reliable inspection operations to the oil & gas and maritime sectors in Brazil. 

In partnership with Drone Inspector Technologies, Belga Marine offers full UAV Inspection of Offshore Rigs, FPSO’S and Drilling Ships, Storage Tanks, Under Deck Structure and Flare System. Furthermore, services for Shipyards such as inspections of sea trials and heavy machinery can be provided.

Visual Inspections

Drone inspections are performed to optimize the way assets are managed and to improve safety, efficiency and asset performance. 

UAV inspection is more cost-effective and comprehensive, as the drones are able to provide more data compared to what can be collected with conventional methods.

The software integration allows you to visualize and analyze all data from static imagery captured with drones, to historic engineering reports or photogrammetry models. 

Inspection performed by drones ensures high quality data, lower cost, lower risk, high efficiency and reduced downtime.

Safe and Cost-efficient Operations

The team of engineers behind Drone Inspector Technologies is fully certified for all requirements from the offshore industry. 

The fields of application for the use of drones in the maritime and offshore industry are numerous, and the implementation of UAV technology is expected to continue growing to become the most used method for inspection operations due to its time and cost reduction.

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