Miros group no Brasil

Miros Group in Brazil

Innovation and sustainability were in focus when we received our partner Miros in Brazil at the end of March.

 “We were very pleased with Miros’ visit at this time in Brazil. Besides meeting the new CEO, we had an intense week of customer visits. And the positive feedback from the meetings is reinforcing what we have already been seeing in recent years: a real interest in innovative technologies is increasing and companies now know they need to invest in this”, said Denis Morais, Managing Director of Belga Marine.

Miros, who has been with us for over 8 years, is an innovative company specializing in ocean surface measurements and has a positive track record of providing reliable data to companies in the maritime and offshore sectors for over 3 decades.

Miros sensors and systems provide data used by many different sectors, from government institutions to the general public as well as the private sector. Whether it is supporting the development of the growing offshore wind industry or assisting in the decarbonization of the global marine fleet, Miros works to drive safety, efficiency, and performance in a variety of marine markets through data collection.

During Miros’ stay in Brazil, we participated in several meetings with customers and other major companies in the industry. The many presentations and positive feedback led us to believe that the market is on the right path, understanding the importance of having reliable data to obtain efficient, safe, and sustainable operations.

Miros shared with us the latest discoveries and technological advances, and we had the opportunity to meet new CEO Marius Five Aarset, who was accompanied by Chief Commercial Officer, Jonas Rostad and Vice President, Andrew Wallace.

Solutions developed by Miros

The Miros OSD, a tool to support oil spill response and surveillance operations. With over 250 Miros OSD™ systems delivered to oil companies, shipowners, and coastal agencies worldwide, Miros has established itself as a global leader. In Brazil, Petrobras signed Miros in the world’s largest X-band radar-based OSD surveillance and response contract to date.

The Miros WaveSystem was specifically designed to provide highly accurate wave, current and draft data for weather-critical marine operations. Combining directional sea state measurements from Miros Wavex and motion compensated draft data from Miros RangeFinder, the WaveSystem facilitates maximum operational insight.

Miros WaveWeather provides accurate, real-time measurements of local sea state and weather conditions to any user, on any device. High-quality data on local environmental conditions are critical to successful planning, decision-making, and execution of activities. WaveWeather provides this critical view to all relevant stakeholders, on or offshore.

Wavex® is a virtual sensor designed for wave and current measurements using data from standard marine X-band radars. The sensor is operative at all ship speeds as well as from fixed locations. Additionally, Speed Through Water by Wavex accurately provides a vessel’s STW without the use of any submerged equipment.

The Miros Wave & Current Radar is a high-performance, remote, dry sensor for the measurement of directional wave spectra and surface currents. Our Wave & Current Radar is based on proven technology which has been successfully providing ocean insights to the maritime market for over 35 years.

The Miros RangeFinder is the ultimate stand-alone sensor for airgap, tide, water level, draught and wave measurements. RangeFinder is a dry, radar-based sensor, measuring with millimetre accuracy in all weather conditions. The sensor is available with motion compensation for use on floating assets, where it is the only DNV GL-certified product on the market for alpha-factor related wave monitoring. The RangeFinder is also available with Atex IEC Ex certification for use in Zone 1.

We thank Miros for visiting and for their dedication and commitment to innovation and sustainability. We are very pleased with our work together over these years and look forward to continuing the collaboration on future projects in Brazil.

To learn more about Miros’ technology, systems, and sensors, visit or contact us at

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