New partnership with Ocean Visuals

Belga Marine enters partnership with Ocean Visuals AS.

Belga Marine has signed an agreement with Ocean Visuals with the aim to provide Ocean Visuals’ technology-based-real-time sensor systems to the Brazilian maritime and Oil & Gas segments.

Ocean Visuals AS is a Norwegian company providing sensor systems for early detection of oil and organics in water.

Ocean Visuals provides patented HLIF LiDAR technology-based real-time sensor systems built on 25 years of research and development, ideal for early warning of oil spills and monitoring the ocean composition in great detail.

The Technology behind Ocean Visuals

Ocean Visuals develops and manufactures Hyper-spectral Laser Induced Fluorescence (HLIF) based LiDAR (LiDAR i.e. Light Detection and Ranging) sensors for its monitoring systems. As oil is intrinsically fluorescent and emits light in the blue-green spectral range when illuminated by UV light it is easily distinguished from other substances in the water.

Using the Hyper-spectral curve of the emitted light, Ocean Visuals can “fingerprint” the sample, and thus receive a real-time identification of oil category and type (crude oil, hydraulic oil etc) on the spot, with no samples or lab analysis required. Learn more about Ocean Visuals.

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