New partnership with SaaS provider TowWorks

Ulstein Belga Marine is pleased to present another new software company to its portfolio.

In order to continue with our focus on digitalizing day-to-day service for maritime and offshore oil and gas companies in Brazil, we have entered a new partnership with TowWorks.

TowWorks is an American Software as a Service (SaaS) company that creates efficient solutions for the towage and inland transportation industry.

Together with TowWorks, Belga Marine will offer the Brazilian market with a platform that can collect, analyze and transmit vessel equipment data in real time to help onboard and shore operators make more informed decisions. By transmitting data to land, fleet and ship management can be handled much more efficiently.

Besides being an intuitive and easy to learn software, TowWorks provides its customers with timely, accurate information with minimal costs and maximum return on investment. With TowWorks, operators can manage the entire organization in one enterprise package.

If you are interested in learning more about TowWorks, please contact us at

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