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Belga Marine signs new partnership with Alerion

Belga Marine has partnered up with Alerion to deliver drone inspection solutions to the Brazilian energy industry.

With the need for more sustainable energy solutions and the arise of new technologies that are not harmful to the environment, Belga Marine has decided to enter a new business area, which seeks to deliver UAV inspection services to the wind energy sector in Brazil. This is a strategic decision that benefits the business and the environment.

Our new partner, Alerion performs drone inspections of wind turbine generators (WTG) and solar farms in a fast, safe and cost-efficient manner.

Alerion was originally founded to bring space navigation technology to drones through the European Space Agency’s Technology Transfer Program, and since 2016 the company has been offering automated end-to-end industrial inspection solutions to the energy industry with its patented high-precision navigation technology.

With a strong focus on technology development, nature is still Alerion’s inspiration and driving force. Alerion’s mission is to bring the two together by developing solutions that preserve the environment and shape tomorrow’s world, where technology and nature not only coexist, but benefit from one another.

According to ABEeolica, the Brazilian Wind Energy Association, wind energy is currently the second largest source in the Brazilian energy matrix and the installed capacity will grow 50% in 2024, jumping from today’s 16GW to 24GW. Furthermore, Brazil is expected to become the first Latin American country to receive offshore wind power investments. This proves that the energy transition is taking place and that we will see a new wind power scenario in the future.

Replacing traditional sources of energy completely with renewable energy is going to be a challenging task, however, we must prepare for the future and take part in the energy transition, which is already happening. Belga Marine is already transforming the traditional energy industry with our digital solutions that are making operations safer and more sustainable, so it is a natural step to move the business towards renewables as well”, says Jan Lomholdt, CEO of Ulstein Belga Marine.

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