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Belga Marine’s first service job in Southeast Asia

In partnership with our strategic partner, M&O, and pump technology solutions provider, DESMI Inc USA, Belga Marine landed its first service job in Singapore. On this incredible journey was our experienced technician, Vitor Bernardo, with the support of his assistant, Jerri Monsores.

Our two technicians travelled for 45 days in international sea, crossing the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, to install DESMI’s OptiSave™ – Energy Saving System.

“It was my first job abroad, an incredible technical experience, which started in Singapore, an excellent, exotic and very technological place. In this service, I had the opportunity to work with people from many different countries, Indians, Ukrainians, Filipinos and Swedes. I was also able to experience a cultural exchange and get to know the cuisine and customs of the people of these countries. It was an intense exchange of experiences and activities during 49 days, which contributed to my professional knowledge, where I was able to learn about the OptiSave system. I was able to learn and know the importance of this system for fuel economy, and how to reduce the emission of pollutants. Without a doubt, it was an unforgettable and enriching experience”, says Vitor Bernardo, Technical Specialist I.

The economics of the DESMI OptiSave™ system.

The DESMI OptiSave™ solution provides a significant reduction in the vessel’s fuel consumption and reduction in the emissions footprint. It does this by monitoring and delivering the cooling demands of the rotating equipment on the vessel. This includes the ambient and sea water temperatures where-ever the vessel is operating. Through this active ‘intelligent monitoring’ management, the DESMI OptiSave™ system delivers significant energy savings with pay back inside 12 to 18 months. We’re talking about a cost-effective solution for compliance and to reduce environmental footprint.

According to DESMI, approximately, 800 OptiSave™ systems have been installed, which altogether have generated CO2 reductions corresponding to 1-million-tonnes CO2. This equals what a 16,000-hectare Rain Forest consumes a year.

With this energy saving solution, vessel owners can do their part to make the industry more sustainable, while also saving costs.

Belga Marine and the Environment.

As a maritime and offshore company, Belga Marine is concerned about environmental issues, and we seek to represent and promote solutions that are not just innovative, but also sustainable and don’t cause harm to the environment.

“Accessibility can be an obstacle to the installation of new systems, however, when the system provides a reduction in the vessel’s fuel consumption of USD 400,000 per year, our experienced technical team packs its bags, heads to Singapore and sails across the oceans to fulfill the mission”, says General Manager of Belga Marine, Denis Morais.

Energy efficiency is one of many great solutions that we can use to help lower CO2 emissions and it is how we practice sustainability in our business.

Have you thought about the dimension of the reduction of carbon emissions and the environmental impact this has for future generations?

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