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Innovative HLIF technology to support Petrobras with oil spill detection and characterization.

Belga Marine is pleased to announce that it has signed a local service contract with Petrobras, via CENPES – Centro de Pesquisas, Desenvolvimento e Inovação Leopoldo Américo Miguez de Melloem -, in partnership with Ocean Visuals.

The contract aims to support the evaluation of the use of Hyperspectral Laser Induced Fluorescence (HLIF) technology for the characterization and quantification of oil, effluents and water quality. In this research project, Belga Marine and Ocean Visuals will support Petrobras in acquiring data for qualitative and quantitative analysis, which enables a systematic monitoring of surface water or in the water column.

The technology consists of an integrated hardware and software system for real-time detection and characterization of oil and effluents on the water surface and in the water column on board vessels.

The use of remote sensors on offshore and maritime installations has revolutionized the way in which information is acquired, allowing the detection, characterization and monitoring of hydrocarbon leaks or effluent disposal at different scales, with a high frequency of observation and quick availability of results.

This new technology can be one of the most important steps in oil spill detection. The technology not only detects the oil, but it remotely characterizes and identifies it, and eventually leads to its origin. With this pilot project, Petrobras will be able to handle potential oil spill cases in a much more efficient way, using this state-of-the-art technology from our partner Ocean Visual and reducing the oil spill impact on the environment”, says Alexandre de Carvalho, Sales and Business Development Manager of Belga Marine.

About Ocean Visuals: 

Ocean Visuals is a Norwegian company providing sensor systems for early detection of oil and organics in water. Learn more about Ocean Visuals here:

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