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Reduce Vessel Operating Costs and Increase Data Visibility Using Artificial Intelligence

New partnership with AI analytics platform provider IoCurrents

Real time data is one of the key elements of a smart operation. With MarineInsight, vessel operators and shore-side personnel now have access to vital vessel information in real time. Operators on shore have access to all vessel data via the MarineInsight cloud portal. This easy-to-use interface features many applications to analyze data and provide alert information. At sea, the crew can use the Local Display on tablets, which mirrors most of the functionality of the web portal.

Using advanced machine learning models and artificial intelligence, the software constantly monitors many aspects of vessel operation, and use this information to create a model of normal operating behavior. If operational parameters as a whole deviate outside the thresholds predicted by the model, operators are alerted to a potential problem. This can help detect problems early, before operators would normally become aware of them.

In these special times we really have to understand how technology and IT can help us save cost and think smarter based on all the data we have access to. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are no longer just fancy hype words. With IoCurrents we found a partner that took innovation to the next level, showing our customers how they can use their data to save money and predict failures before they happen without need of human interaction. The future has already arrived. ” says Jan Lomholdt, CEO of Belga Marine.

IoCurrents is an American software company that brings together the best of the cloud computing revolution and the Northwest maritime heritage.

Together with IoCurrents, Belga Marine will offer the Brazilian market with an analytics platform that can gather, analyze, and transmit vessel equipment data in real time to help on-board and shoreside operators make more informed decisions.

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