Reliable Integrated Surveillance and Security Systems to the Brazilian Offshore Market

Ulstein Belga Marine has signed a new partnership with Ultra Electronics, the supplier of Integrated Surveillance & Security Systems for the offshore, oil and gas, CNI, ports and harbours and coastal surveillance markets. Together with Ultra, Belga Marine will deliver “Radar Early Warning Systems” (REWS) to the Brazilian offshore industry.

REWS systems provide a means of collision risk management and are fully tailored to the specific needs of the installations. The systems range from simple Radar and AIS tracking for collision warning, through to comprehensive security systems capable of monitoring the air, surface and even sub-surface environments to detect potential threats to the installation.

REWS systems also have the option of being augmented by the integration of Ultra’s Man Overboard (MOB) alarm and rescue coordination system, KPI monitoring, and asset management tools.

Wider integration of REWS to subsystems such as Oil Spill Detection (OSD), Flare Monitoring and Metocean systems facilitate an Integrated Offshore Safety, Security and Environmental (IOSSE) monitoring and management system

All systems and their applications leverage Ultra’s software suite known collectively as Situational Awareness Management Software (SAMS).

The importance of moving towards intelligent and integrated digitalized solutions for communication, navigation, sea-state monitoring and optimization of performance, is evident. Our partnership with Ultra enforces our strategy and will assure more efficient and safer operations at sea for Brazilian operators including the navy. Brazil has a great market potential with its many types of vessels that can benefit greatly from innovative technology that makes sure that the industry adapts to smarter operations.” – Jan Lomholdt – Managing Director of Belga Marine

The innovative solutions provided by Ultra deliver critical advantage to companies operating in the uniquely challenging maritime and offshore environment.

Ultra has provided many tailored systems to leading operators and major oil and gas companies around the world.

At the core of Ultra’s purpose is to innovate today for a safer tomorrow.

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About Ultra:

Ultra specialises in providing application-engineered tailored solutions. We focus on our customers’ mission critical and intelligent systems in the defence, security, critical detection & control markets.

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