Belga Marine: Towards the major global maritime events of 2024.

Belga Marine will be present at some of the world’s leading maritime fairs and exhibitions in 2024, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and excellence in this vital field.

Mark your calendars, as we look forward to interacting with colleagues, collaborators, clients, and partners during these high-profile events. Check out our calendar and don’t miss the opportunity to visit us:

📆 Intermodal South América – São Paulo, BrasilMarch 5-7, 2024  – Visitor
One of the largest logistics, cargo transportation and foreign trade fairs in South America. Held in São Paulo, Brazil, it attracts participants and exhibitors from all over the world to discuss the latest trends, technologies and innovative solutions to the challenges facing the sector. It is a crucial platform for networking, business and strategic partnerships in the transportation and logistics industry.

📆 Navegestic Navalshore Amazônia – Brazil | April 10-12, 2024 – Visitor
Navalshore Amazônia is an internationally recognized trade fair that brings together professionals and companies from the naval sector to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and business opportunities in the Amazon region. It is a crucial platform for networking and strategic partnerships in the maritime industry.

📆 OTC Houston – Texas, USA | May 5-9, 2024 – Visitor
The OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) in Houston is one of the world’s largest events for the offshore energy sector. It brings together experts, companies, and leaders to share knowledge, explore innovations and promote business in the field of offshore technologies.

📆 Navalshore RJ – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | August 20-22, 2024 – Exhibitor
Navalshore RJ is a trade fair specializing in the shipbuilding and offshore industry held in Rio de Janeiro. It is an important event for Brazilian and international companies, providing networking opportunities, product and service exhibitions and discussions on the challenges and opportunities of the sector.

📆 ONS – Stavanger, Norway | August 26-29, 2024 – Visitor
ONS (Offshore Northern Seas) in Stavanger is one of the leading international events in the offshore energy sector. It offers a platform for discussion on energy, technology and sustainability, bringing together industry leaders, decision-makers and professionals to share knowledge and experiences.

📆 SMM – Hamburg, Germany | September 3-6, 2024 – Visitor
SMM in Hamburg is the world’s largest maritime trade fair, covering all aspects of the shipping and maritime industry. It is an essential meeting point for maritime professionals, companies and authorities, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, products and services in the sector.

📆 Rio Oil and Gas 2024 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | September 23-26, 2024 – Exhibitor
Rio Oil and Gas is the main event for the oil and gas industry in Latin America. It takes place in Rio de Janeiro and brings together the main players in the sector, including energy companies, technology providers and government authorities, to discuss the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the oil and gas market.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the many possibilities we have to offer. We look forward to welcoming you to our stands, exchanging ideas and discovering new opportunities together!

Come with us!

The successful milestones of Belga Marine in 2023

This year has been highlighted by significant achievements for Belga Marine, which for more than four decades has been making a difference with an innovative vision and a constant commitment to excellence.

We navigated through challenges and opportunities, reaching notable milestones throughout the year, winning extremely important contracts, expanding our portfolio of partners representing relevant technologies for the market, and attending the main offshore events around the world.

Follow our 2023 retrospective:


Over the past few months, we have celebrated the consolidation of two extraordinary contracts with our valued partners, Miros and OceanVisuals.

At the beginning of the year, in January, OceanVisuals, in collaboration with our dedicated crew, successfully conducted the installation of the innovative SEA OWL™ sensor system on board the Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV) Marlin Stolmen, in continuous operation for Petrobras.

Ocean Visuals AS is a Norwegian company that supplies sensor systems for the early detection of oil and organic substances in water. This initiative not only attests to the effectiveness of our solutions, but also reinforces Belga Marine’s role at the forefront of maritime technology, which is still operating today.

Reaffirming our commitment to showcasing and delivering cutting-edge technologies, our commitment was given a new lease of life in November when we signed another significant contract with Petrobras, this time with Miros, to upgrade its existing oil spill detection efforts with Petrobras, consolidating the success of this partnership. Miros is a leading technology company specializing in providing ocean knowledge measurements, improving data-driven situational awareness for offshore operators through advanced sensor technology, applied intelligence and data analysis.

As part of the development project, Miros‘ system will be upgraded and installed with a cloud-based complement to the monitoring software currently in use in Brazil’s offshore segment, thus allowing data to be shared securely with various stakeholders in real time.

These contracts represent more than commercial transactions, they reflect Belga Marine’s vision of being a force in the evolution of the maritime industry, where technology, environmental responsibility and strategic partnerships come together to create a more promising and sustainable future.


In 2023, Belga Marine was present at international maritime industry events, taking part in the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston and Norshipping in Norway, with our directors Denis Morais and Alexandre Carvalho.

We are thrilled to highlight Belga Marine’s success at Navalshore 2023. Our seminar, which addressed the “Challenges in oil detection in Brazil”, attracted a significant turnout, bringing together more than 100 people for an engaging and informative debate. In addition, our stand was visited by around 2,000 people, providing a valuable opportunity to share knowledge and strengthen our connections.

Also in Brazil, we participated at the OTC Brasil, and went for the first time to Navalshore Amazonia, another great success, and participated in many events in the sector, the SAOW (South America Offshore Wind Conference), Brazil Wind Power in São Paulo.

See the gallery below:

Throughout the year we have shared many moments of joy with our entire team and provided our clients with excellent, quality services.


As we approach 2024, we see a horizon full of opportunities for BELGA MARINE. With a proven commitment to excellence and innovation, we are ready to consolidate our position as a leader in the maritime sector.

Our vision for this year is driven by three fundamental pillars: sustainable growth, continuous innovation and strategic partnerships. We plan to expand our operations intelligently, exploring new markets and enhancing our global presence. We are committed to incorporating cutting-edge technologies to optimize efficiencies and ensure greener and more sustainable operations.

“After a challenging 2022, we are happy to share the remarkable growth we experienced in 2023. Our dedication, coupled with the trust placed in us by our partners, has resulted in two significant milestones for the company. Looking ahead, we are eager to continue on a path of success in 2024.” – Denis Morais, Managing Director.

2024 will be an exciting chapter in the history of BELGA MARINE, we would like to thank our partners and customers for the trust they have placed in us, and we look forward to sharing this success with you, our partners and customers.

Belga Marine Team

We are ready for the road ahead!

Brazilian Oil Spill Detection to be fitted with cloud solution.

Belga Marine and Miros, a global ocean specialist, are celebrating the winning of another important contract with Petrobras to upgrade their current oil spill detection efforts, reaffirming the success of this partnership.

As part of the development project, the Miros system will be matured and installed with a cloud-based add-on to the monitoring software currently in use offshore Brazil, thereby allowing data to be safely shared with multiple stakeholders in real-time.

The security of Miros’ reliable Oil Spill Detection (OSDTM) system will also be enhanced with a view to rolling it out across a range of offshore assets.

It follows the introduction of new rules from local regulator, the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), around the integrity of OSD alarms and monitoring. The guidelines are designed to ensure information or alarms from the OSD kit offshore cannot be tampered with.

By creating a secure end-to-end pathway, information can flow between the monitoring software and the onshore stakeholders, in this case the operator and environmental authority as the regulator.

Miros is a global leader in OSD systems, offering clients advanced functionality to automatically detect and track oil spills. Since its introduction more than 250 OSD systems have been delivered to oil companies, ship owners and coastal agencies globally.

Technology – IoT solution

The supplementary cloud-based component introduced by the company to the existing OSD system relies on Miros’ proven IoT solution. This IoT solution has already demonstrated its effectiveness by providing a suite of advanced cloud-based services and applications that are currently in successful operation within the oil and gas, offshore wind, and offshore vessel sectors across various regions. Miros and Belga Marine will now start work to modernize the OSD system and simplify access to offshore information so that potential spills can be tackled even faster.

Marius Five Aarset, Chief Executive Officer at Miros, said:

We are proud to continue our long-standing relationship with Petrobras and look forward to working with their team, as well as our friends at Belga Marine, to deliver these crucial updates to digitalize environmental monitoring operations by applying widely adopted IoT solutions. It is imperative that Petrobras can effectively and accurately monitor potential oil spills so they can meet the environmental obligations set out by IBAMA and the Brazilian government.

“Credit must also go to IBAMA for its thorough approach to environmental stewardship and work to protect Brazil’s beautiful coastlines. Other regions should take note of such efforts and at Miros we hope to see widespread adoption of such principles so that the oil and gas industry can minimize its impact on the environment.”

Alexandre de Carvalho, Head of Business Development, at Belga Marine, added:

“As a Brazilian company we are proud to continue our collaboration with Petrobras and Miros in the ongoing effort to address environmental challenges in the maritime regions of Brazil. The update of the OSD system marks a significant step towards digital transformation and technological evolution. This advancement aims to ensure more sustainable and transparent operations while enhancing the capability to protect its coastline from oil spills.”

Click here to understand the process from the beginning.


Together with our exhibiting partners, Miros, Ocean Visuals and Cobham SatCom, Belga Marine would like to thank everyone who visited us and made Navalshore 2023 a successful event.

The 17th edition was highlighted by the presence of more than 12,000 visitors and the participation of 91 exhibiting companies, a visitation record, reinforcing its strategic importance for the industry.

The event plays a key role in promoting the advancement of the maritime industry in Latin America, addressing critical issues, and bringing together the main players in the sector for collaboration and innovation. Navalshore is an essential meeting point for professionals in the maritime industry to share knowledge, explore new technologies, establish partnerships, and drive the growth of the sector.

Seminar: Challenges in oil spill detection in Brazil

On the second day of the event, Belga Marine presented the seminar “Challenges of oil spill detection in Brazil” with the participation of our partners, Miros, a technology company specializing in measuring the ocean’s surface, providing sensors and systems for environmental monitoring, and Ocean Visuals, a provider of sensor systems for the early detection and classification of oil and organics in water.

Based on the experiences of the two companies and the case presented by Petrobras’ Geophysicist, Cristina Bentz, who is responsible for developing research and projects related to the maritime industry and oil spill prevention, it was reaffirmed that Petrobras is committed to engaging in collaborative partnerships to find innovative and technologically advanced solutions in this field.

The exhibition

These were intense, productive days full of networking activities and business opportunities at one of the event’s busiest stands, where we welcomed around 300 people over the three days!!!

Check out our gallery below:

Also, a special thanks to everyone who made our Happy Hour on the second day an incredible afternoon. We appreciate your presence and look forward to the opportunities that Navalshore has presented us with.

m&o Team

See you at OTC Brazil!

SEA OWL™, a sensor system, is tested by Petrobras.

Together with the Belga Marine crew, Ocean Visuals carried out the installation of a SEA OWL™ sensor system for Petrobras on board the Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV) Marlin Stolmen.

Belga Marine and Ocean Visuals crew

Working closely with the Petrobras R&D Remote Sensing team since 2018, Ocean Visuals has designed a sensor system that incorporates Petrobras’ wanted position in the detection, verification, and classification of oil in water, in real-time.

SeaOwl sensor

The sensor was installed aboard “Marlin Stolmen”, an Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV) operated by the Bravante Group in Brazil. The vessel typically operates in offshore fields on behalf of Petrobras. The Petrobras R&D Center (CENPES) has a group that evaluates and builds new technologies for safety and the environment, where Dr. Cristina Maria Bentz develops research in the field of remote sensing. One of the focuses is to evaluate and create new tools for the detection, verification, and classification of oil in water in real-time, without having to manage water samples to be sent to a laboratory.


To achieve this goal, in addition to field tests, a custom oil library is being built. The Ocean Visuals team works closely with the Petrobras Remote Sensing team and trained them in acquiring the spectral signatures of several known types of oil.

The spectral signatures will be stored in a database inside the SEA OWL™ lidar sensor aboard the vessel. Once the sensor detects a combination of hydrocarbon molecules in the water, that spectral signature is compared with the signature residing in the database. This way, real time detection, verification, and classification of oil type will be performed, autonomously. “We see a lot of potential benefits from using this technology”, says Dr. Cristina Maria Bentz of Petrobras R&D. First, the time and cost-saving to verify suspicious features in real-time, without oil or water sampling, decreased false alarms. Second, the evaluation of oil type, concentration, and/or thickness. And third, the promising detection of oil in the water column to the depth of laser penetration.

Navalshore seminar: Challenges in the Detection of Oil Spill in Brazil

Join us for this discussion between experts about Challenges in the Detection of Oil Spill in Brazil.

Besides being an exhibitor at Navalshore, Latin America’s biggest maritime event taking place from 22-24 August, Belga Marine will be presenting a talk about the challenges in the detection of oil spills in Brazil.

Together with the two technology companies, Miros and Ocean Visuals, and the Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, Belga Marine will share insights from its experiences with oil spill detection in Brazil.

In this seminar, you will learn more about the innovative technologies in this field, and how they help avoid incidents and provide early responses in detecting and characterizing oil.

When: 23 August at 14:00

Where: Navalshore – Expo Mag


  • Alexandre de Carvalho, Sales & Business Development Director – Belga Marine
  • Christian Testman, CEO – Ocean Visuals
  • Sahil Kochhar, Head of Operations – Miros Group
  • Cristina Bentz, Senior Geophysicist – Petrobras

Register for free here.

Introducing new partner: Arnlea

Field Service Management Solution to the Brazilian market.

Belga Marine is pleased to introduce a new partnership with Scottish software technology company, Arnlea.

We are excited to add Arnlea to our portfolio of innovative solutions for the Brazilian offshore market. With Arnlea’s field service management technology, we have yet another supplier that supports maritime and offshore players with smarter solutions, using data to improve safety and efficiency,” says Denis Morais, General Manager of Belga Marine.

By using the latest handheld, fixed reader, RFID and barcode technology, Arnlea’s Nexar solution gives office staff real-time data that allows more informed decision-making to take place and front-line workers to carry out safe and quick field operations.


Arnlea is thrilled to be partnering with Belga Marine. Our strong alliance serves as a catalyst for our company’s growth and bolsters our commitment to nurturing robust relationships within the Brazilian market. Together, we can capitalize on our shared expertise, innovation, and dedication to improving the safety and efficiency of operations in the marine and offshore segments,” says Paul Goonan – Head of Business Development – Americas.

Benefits of using Arlea’s Nexar field service management

Improve safety and efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions, while you are ensuring compliance and security of the environment of your operations.

Simply put, it’s a smarter way to work. Your operation output goes up and your operational risk and cost go down.

For more information about Arnlea, please contact us at

Miros and Belga Marine expand partnerships to boost ocean insights as-a-service solutions in Brazil

Miros and Belga Marine sign partner agreements to strengthen their close long-term collaboration and extend their partnership for local service, sales and distribution of products and as-a-service solutions in Brazil. The agreements also extend the target markets to the whole region of South America.

For more than 8 years, Miros and Belga Marine have successfully worked together providing reliable ocean surface measurements to the Brazilian market. We are thrilled to continue the partnership with these new agreements offering the Software-as-a-Service solutions to maritime and energy companies in Brazil and South America”, says Alexandre de Carvalho, Sales Director at Belga Marine.

By confirming our close cooperation with Belga Marine, our partners in Brazil, we establish a clear focal point for all Miros related activities in the region. Being it traditional wave radars, oil spill detection solutions, or cutting edge Sea-State-as-a-Service solutions increasingly applied in Brazilian waters, – all now well served with field services and sales and distribution capabilities”, says Marius Five Aarset, Chief Executive Officer at Miros.

miros service

Sea-State-as-a-Service (SSaaS)

The Sea-State-as-a-Service (SSaaS) offering is an all-inclusive, scalable subscription plan including Miros dry, IoT-enabled sensors, and the Miros Cloud service for easy data access. This plug-and-play subscription plan is a cost-efficient advantage for clients who can get access to the software without making big investments immediately. Key players in the Brazilian market have already shown interest in Miros’ SaaS offerings which strengthen Miros’ position in the Brazilian market and make Brazil an important market for future growth.

miros system

About Miros:

Miros is a Norwegian technology company that has been a trusted provider of reliable ocean surface measurements and oil spill detection solutions to some of the world’s largest ship owners, operators, and E&P companies for close to 40 years.

About Belga Marine:

Belga Marine is a Brazilian specialist in the maritime and offshore segments, offering solutions for innovative and safe offshore operations ensuring an optimal way to mitigate human risk and environmental impacts, as well as increasing the efficiency and profitability of offshore operations.

For more information, please contact

Compliance in Belga Marine

Why Compliance is important?

Compliance is a term that has been growing in the corporate world. And compliance is an essential part of our daily work for a company like Belga Marine, which is committed to the highest standards of safety, integrity, and respect for the environment.

Compliance refers to the set of norms, policies, and procedures that aim to ensure that a company acts in accordance with the laws, regulations, and ethical standards applicable to its sector of operation.

The offshore industry presents unique challenges and specific regulatory demands due to the complex operating environment in which we operate.

By adopting compliance practices, we ensure that our operations are conducted ethically and transparently, avoiding legal problems, and preserving our reputation in the market. In addition, compliance contributes to the prevention of fraud, the promotion of equality and diversity, the protection of personal data, and the safety of work environments.

How is Compliance implemented in Belga Marine?

Our approach is based on the following pillars:

Commitment to Ethics: Our employees are guided to act with integrity, honesty, and respect in all their interactions, following a clear and transparent code of conduct.

Policies and Procedures: We have established clear and documented processes and procedures, aligned with internationally recognized regulations and best practices. This allows us to operate efficiently and safely while ensuring compliance at every step of our work.

Training and Awareness: We invest in regular training for our employees to ensure that they are aware of the legal and ethical obligations relevant to their work and can identify possible situations of non-compliance.

Monitoring and Auditing: We conduct periodic internal audits to assess compliance with established policies and procedures and identify areas for improvement. We carry out a rigorous analysis of the risks involved in our offshore operations and implement appropriate measures to mitigate them. This includes identifying potential threats, implementing appropriate controls, and conducting regular audits to monitor the effectiveness of these measures.

Due Diligence: In the offshore environment, hiring suppliers, partners, and intermediary agents is common. In this regard, it is important to carry out rigorous due diligence to assess the integrity and compliance of these third parties. This includes reviewing your reputation, compliance history, and ethical practices.

Reporting Channel: We provide a secure and confidential channel for employees and other interested parties to report suspected irregularities or violations of conduct.

By adopting compliance as a fundamental principle, we can map and understand the legal and regulatory obligations applicable to your business, in addition to establishing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with these requirements. This involves implementing internal controls, regular audits, and taking corrective action where necessary.

To sum up, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification which provides a solid structure for the implementation of an effective quality management system. In this way, we establish clear processes, define responsibilities, monitor, and evaluate performance, in addition to continuously seeking improvements. Through ISO 9001 certification, we demonstrate our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

If you have any questions about our compliance program or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Belga Marine at Nor-Shipping

Nor-Shipping takes place every two years in Oslo, Norway, and has been attracting the main players of the maritime industry from around the world for 58 years. It is one of the most recognized meeting places in the world for strategic negotiation and networking.

For the first time, Belga Marine participates in the 29th edition of the event, represented by our Sales and Business Development Director, Alexandre de Carvalho.

“Nor-shipping 2023 was an excellent opportunity for Belga Marine to strengthen relationships with long-standing partners such as Miros, Ocean Visuals, Cobham, Ulstein and Jotron, and with new ones such as Hoglund. By being an international hub for players in the maritime market, it was possible to connect with many customers and other important decision-makers in the industry. And through participation in networking events and seminars, promoted by the Brazilian delegation, we discovered new opportunities for more business between Norwegian companies and Belga Marine.” Alexandre Carvalho, sales, and business development director.

During the event, we met with several international shipowners and connected with partners that Belga Marine represents in Brazil, including Miros, Zenitel, Jotron, Wilhelmsen Group, Ocean Visuals, and Hoglund.

Pre-event highlight

Before attending Nor-shipping, Belga Marine visited Miros Group, with whom was renewed two agreements to strengthen and expand the partnership for the sales and distribution of products and as-a-service solutions in Brazil. The agreements also extend the target markets to the whole region of South America.

For many years, Miros and Belga Marine have successfully worked together providing reliable ocean surface measurements to the Brazilian market. And it is the result of this partnership that we can offer Software-as-a-Service solutions to maritime and energy companies and expand to new markets.

Belga Marine in 2023

Looking back on the first semester of 2023, we are pleased with the many activities and international exhibitions in which Belga Marine has participated.

We are now preparing for the second semester with two more exhibitions coming up in Brazil. The next stop is Navalshore in Rio de Janeiro, where we will be exhibiting together with our Partners Miros and Ocean Visuals to showcase the importance of innovative technology solutions in the naval, maritime, and offshore sectors.

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